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Parts & Accessories Warranty

Any part, accessory or garment sold in our store includes a warranty against manufacturing defects. Since the list of brands with which we deal is exhaustive and the product warranties vary greatly depending on the brands, we recommend you refer to the manufacturer's website for more details on their policies. Better yet, ask one of our staff in store or contact us.

Bicycle Manufacturer's Warranty

Every bike sold includes a manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Granted exclusively to the initial owner, these guarantees vary according to the manufacturer and sometimes even according to the type of bike. Please refer to the website of the manufacturer of your bike or ask one of our staff.

No bike is indestructible, and each bike is subject to a certain life cycle. Its life span varies according to its construction, the materials used in its frame design, its maintenance, the conditions of use, and the type of use it has undergone during its life. Our workshop remains the most reliable source of information and the best place to service your bike. The more you ride - and the more you ride hard - the more often your bike needs to be inspected and serviced by a professional mechanic.

Warranty On Services Performed In Our Workshops

We pride ourselves on the quality and expertise of our technicians and the excellent reputation of our mechanical service. That being said, any machine with moving parts that requires some form of adjustment is subject to mechanical forces that are sometimes beyond our control.

After completing a service, the technician who worked on your bike performs a road test since in some cases, a bike may not react to adjustments in the same way at the workstation as it would in real life conditions. Our technicians are therefore trained to minimize any risk of readjustment after a recent service but depending on the complexity of the service rendered or the extent of the parts replaced, a certain break-in period may be expected.

If despite all our efforts, after a reasonable period of time and with proper use you are not satisfied with the service rendered, DO NOT HESITATE TO TALK TO A TECHNICAL ADVISOR, TECHNICIAN, OWNER, MARKETING MANAGER OR ANYONE IN OUR ORGANIZATION and we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation. Even without your original invoice, we are be able to determine the service history as well as the parts replaced in order to correct the situation. Contact us for any questions.

Processing Warranty Cases

If you purchased a product from us and you think is covered under the manufacturer warranty, visiting us in store with it is the fastest and easiest way for us to start your warranty claim. Not all of our suppliers work in the same way but most will require us to send pictures and original receipt. Once the claim is filed with the manufacturer or the supplier, we are not responsible for the delays or the outcome. If you have any questions about a warranty or you want to file a claim, visit us in store or contact us.