Inventory Manager

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La Shop / Greg Christie's

Are you as happy giving as receiving? Do you like the feeling of pride in knowing that your contribution is essential to the smooth running of the machine? What if we told you that you could unwrap gifts every day?

The position of inventory manager is a critical one. Just as the heart carries the blood in the body, it is the internal distribution centre that gets the products to the shelves, into the hands of the shop technicians or directly to the customers. Every sale made is ultimately linked to an operation done a priori by an inventory manager.

Although there is a lot of physical handling of products, this administrative role also requires some skills and ease of use use of modern computer technology. Data entry, purchase order management, invoice verification, special orders, warranty policies, territory allocation, email, intranet, extranet, net 30, keystone, MSRP, MAP, BO, ETA, UPC, B2B, POS, USD to CAD, CSV or XSLS, 1.14975, count to 100.... If you are still reading, this offer may very well be for you.

No pressure though, you'll be supported by an experienced teammate who will guide you into the heart of the machine like a Morpheus to a Neo. (That's a cinematic reference to "The Matrix" for those who haven't seen it. It doesn't matter if you haven't, it's not going to be part of the exam).

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