Suspension Technician - DOS

Full Time


La Shop (Gatineau)

We are looking to hire or train a full time or part-time suspension technician to help us in our mission to simplify the complex and make mountain biking accessible, safe and fun for everyone. DOS is obsessed with curiosity, professionalism and the strength of shared knowledge. These principles have allowed us to help a lot of people, quickly grow our business and prove that mountain bikers want more, but we're going to need your help if we're going to achieve the ambitious goals we've set for ourselves.

The job of making complex simple is not a simple one. It’s complex. Although we have a dedicated team to get you up to standards, there will be a lot of hands on learning, note taking head scratching and continuous improvements… and that’s how we like it. We’ll be in this together and just like with our customers, we’ll offer all the help we can give. Be prepared to have a positive impact on the way our industry is perceived and to make better, safer and more fun having mountain bikers.

(We also offer a competitive salary based on experience and ability, group insurance but most importantly for full time employees, a demo bike of your choice every year).

Want to be part of the adventure? Send us an e-mail, tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to work with us.

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