Shop policies

Special order or Layaway

All special orders or layaways, including bicycles, must be accompanied by a deposit of the full amount of the value of the product, including taxes. This deposit constitutes a promise to purchase and can only be refunded in the form of store credit or a gift certificate.

Return, exchange or refund

La Shop accepts returns and refunds on defective goods purchased in-store with their original invoices and will issue a store credit or gift card for the return of non-defective goods purchased within 30 days in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Gift cards are not redeemable for cash. Any purchase made with a gift card will be refunded exclusively by issuing a store credit or another gift card of equal value.

See the warranty section for details on returning defective goods.

Special order of an item that is not part of the current inventory

Full prepayment is required for all special order products not in the store's current inventory. This transaction will be considered a final sale.

Free labour for life on our equipment

With the purchase of any bike in our shop, we offer you free labour for life on this equipment.

As long as you remain the owner of a bike purchased in our shop, all the services provided by our workshop on this equipment will be offered to you free of charge.

* IMPORTANT: The free labour is limited to the work done by the workshop and excludes any service done by the "Suspension Optimization Department".

Unlimited flat tire repair program

Membership in the Unlimited Puncture Repair Program allows you to enjoy a no-cost repair on both wheels of a bicycle indefinitely with a single payment of $40.00. The one-time payment of $40.00 includes the replacement tube as well as the labour costs for the service performed. The wheels of the bicycle chosen to participate in this program will be identified with a sticker that can be transferred by Centre du vélo La Shop when a wheel is replaced. Following a puncture, you must bring your wheel or bike to the shop so that a technician can repair it.

Parts & accessories warranty

Any part, accessory or garment sold in our store includes a warranty against manufacturing defects or a comfort warranty in the case of shoes or saddles, for example. Since the list of brands with which we deal is exhaustive and the product guarantees vary greatly depending on the nature of the product, we advise you to refer to the manufacturer's website for more details on these guarantee policies or do not hesitate to ask one of our employees.

Bikes warranty

Every bike sold includes a manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Granted exclusively to the initial owner, these guarantees vary according to the manufacturer and sometimes even according to the type of bike. Please refer to the website of the manufacturer of your bike or ask one of our employees.

No bike is indestructible, and each bike is subject to a certain life cycle. Its life span varies according to its construction, the materials used in its frame design, its maintenance, the conditions of use, and the type of use it has undergone during its life. Our workshop remains the most reliable source of information and the best place to service your bike. The more you ride - and the more you ride for power - the more often your bike needs to be inspected and serviced by a professional mechanic.

Warranty on services performed in our worksop

We pride ourselves on the quality and expertise of our technicians and the excellent reputation of our mechanical service. That being said, any machine with moving parts that requires some form of adjustment is subject to mechanical forces that are sometimes beyond our control.

After completing a service, the technician who worked on your bike performs a road test since in some cases, a bike may not react to adjustments in the same way at the workstation as it would in real life conditions. Our technicians are therefore trained to minimize any risk of readjustment after a recent service but depending on the complexity of the service rendered or the extent of the parts replaced, a certain break-in period may be necessary.

If despite all our efforts, after a reasonable period of time and with proper use you are not satisfied with the service rendered, DO NOT HESITATE TO TALK TO A CONSULTANT, TECHNICAL ADVISOR, TECHNICIAN, OWNER, MARKETING MANAGER OR ANYONE IN OUR ORGANIZATION and we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation. Even without an invoice, since our system is completely computerized, we will be able to determine the history of services rendered, as well as the parts replaced in order to more easily correct the situation.

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